Nicholas Grubbs

dancer • choreographer • yoga teacher

deepen your practice...

Having completed a 300-hour yoga teaching certification through the Perri Institute for Mind and Body, Nicholas is a licensed and insured yoga instructor offering private sessions as well as regular group classes.  Through additional work as a trainer at James Fowler Physical Therapy, Nicholas has experience helping patients learn functional movement strategies and educating them on re-integrating movement while recovering from injuries or surgeries.  As a yoga teacher and practitioner, Nicholas is interested in the holistic nature of the practice, the intersections between its spiritual, emotional, and physiological benefits, and how the practice can permeate into all aspects of a yogi's life.  By layering Iyengar techniques and philosophies with vinyasa sequencing, Nicholas aims to provide an accessible class experience that invigorates and challenges as much as it soothes and restores. He strives to offer students creative sequencing and energetic imagery, grounded in mindful study of alignment and breath support. Each class investigates a specific anatomical or energetic theme with the ultimate goal of cultivating a sense of freedom and expression, while honoring the intricacies of every practitioner's body and mind. Please get in touch via the contact form for inquiries about private instruction.


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