Nicholas Grubbs

dancer • choreographer • yoga teacher


video previews coming soon...

dig out the joy (March 2018 premiere)

performers:  Nicholas Grubbs & Nico Gonzales

made possible by the Artist in Residence program at Otion Front Studio


firsts & seconds (2016)

performer:  Nicholas Grubbs



performers:  Shauna Davis, Holly Ledbetter, Hannah Seiden, Marissa Wiley, Mariel Harris


(lack thereof) (2016)

performers:  Nicholas Grubbs, Philip Vachon

the [living] room (2014)

Choreographed in collaboration with Hannah Cullen & Kyle Filley

performers:  Lorena Delgado, Holly Ledbetter, Patrick McGrath Needham


Before the Breach (2014)

Performers:  Nico Gonzales, Dimitri Kalaitzidis


Out of Your Hands, Into Your Head (2013)

Performers:  Nico Gonzales, Jenni Hlebasko, Holly Ledbetter, Jacoby Pruitt, Stephanie Troyak

Forever Hold Your Peace (2012)

Performers:  Hannah Cullen, Naomi Davis, Aimee Fries, Allison Leggett

[preview coming soon]